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I am so sick... so so motion sick. ^_^;

I am soooo glad I didn't see Cloverfield in the movie theater. I would have barfed for sure. However, being a monster movie buff, I won't say aficionado, but I've see many if not all of the Godzilla shows. The old ones where the best. But anyway, I really wanted to see this show. Of course, if you know anything about this movie, you'll know it was filmed in "shaky cam." As if someone was holding a hand held recorder. 

I would not have made this film any different. This sort of "first person shooter" style almost plot-less film would not have been immersive if the camera was steady at all. Now, I just want to say, even if I was being chased by a giant monster, I think I could have held the camera steadier. But the difference is like watching a roller coaster from the ground. Versus being ON the roller coaster!

[Spoiler Alert...]

My favorite scene? When the guy holding the camera for most of the movie, Hud, gets eaten! Woah, yeah! You just don't get to ride into the jaws of a monster like that! I'm so glad I have surround sound. ^_^;

This movie was almost as fun as "Alien" when I saw it for the first time. 

But man, I... am... so... sick right now... gggllgglarg!!!
So I had a party at my house this year for New Years. I don't like doing such things in general since I HAVE to clean up before inviting the masses. And I'm not the sort to vacuum the floors and call it good. I've got to move furniture, and stuff on shelves. You know you've gone overboard when you're in the attic sweeping up the crawl spaces! 

When I get the productivity bug I get it bad. You know I've been coding my little hobby program. Got a few more things I want to do there.

I have a spare Win 7 machine. I was thinking of putting Linux on it, but I think I'll stick L on a different machine. So I updated the thing. I also found out I had installed the fan somewhat incorrectly. It's a 3 prong fan on 4 prong MOBO connector. The tl;dr version, means that fan is running full throttle! Noisy as all hell. MOBO couldn't throttle it. So I found a spare I5 chip fan that came with a matching CPU and lo... it has the 4 prong connector. Cleaned up the heat sink and applied now compound and voila! Fixed! SOOOOOO much more quiet. I'm sure it'll rev up if I give the CPU work.

Those Intel Fans mount rather precariously on the motherboard. It's a sort of pressure fitting versus screws. But I've found that there's really no reason to stick a fancy fan on your CPU unless you're overclocking.

I'm becoming a quiet computer whisperer. My main computer is the quietest machine I've ever built. And since then I've been retro fitting all my older gear and they're actually getting quieter too! ^_^ I've got this Core 2 duo machine I built in 2007 still chugging along. Updated to Win 10 and doubled the memory from 2 to 4G and it's fine. So happy.

A few years back I went all digital on the TV system and I had this integrated amplifier sitting around and DVD player sitting around. It's amazing the new stuff is all about half as big as the old stuff! Less cables too. Gave away the amp at the party, so that saves me trying to sell it on E-Bay or something. Also replaced the dead Ethernet switch in there. Now everyone can connect to the net again so it's firmware upgrade time! ^_^;;

But TV zone is super neat and clean now!

I've got other goodies on the TODO list:

1) My little bookshelf amplifier seems to only be working from one channel. Need to troubleshoot that. Thinking of upgrading my Rio Receiver to a ChromeCast Audio. I got one for Christmas. But while it is fun, sometimes it just sort of hangs up. But if that one starts behaving, perhaps I'll just get a new cheap amp and connect it up to the Cast Audio.

2) Microwave died. Need to pull that out and see If the new one can be made to fit in old mounting bracket. The new one, tho' same model, is 1/4 inch longer... D'oh! Put in a new faucet in the sink and garbage disposal just recently. I sure hope the current dishwasher hangs in there awhile longer... ^_^;

3) Add stream save mode to my editor. Right now if you save a session, it's basically just pointing to all the files you had open. I think it would be great if I could embed the text and images straight into the session file. As it is, all my documents save to stream, so we're good there. I just need to set up my shell to direct the stream to the session file instead of individual files like normal. Going to be seriously cool.

4) Fix a laptop hinge a friend gave to me. I think a bit of superglue will do the trick. I was able to get the screen off the thing. They literally tape those things on. An old credit card can pry the LCD lose without breaking it. I'll report back on that once I try putting it back together.

5) Finish up "Dragonaur!" I think this year is going to be it. I'm sure no-one is reading this journal so far down, so I'll still surprise everyone when it happens, but yes, I've been winding down the story for about 4 years now. I think it won't take long now. I'd like to be out from that weekly ritual. It's not as fun as it used to be. Competition is ridiculous out there. All those pro's giving away their stuff. No room for amateurs anymore. I'm ready to hang up that pen.

But don't worry, if you like my sequential works! I've got a few new stories I want to tell! I just won't prop 'em up to comic aggregators or stick traffic counters and all on them. DA and Tumblr aught to do the trick.

So here's to the New Year! I hope you all are off to a strong start!
So in Windows 10, they stopped coloring the focused window title bar. It was white along with all the other windows. Just a barely one pixel wide line was blue that told you who was focused. EXTREMELY hard to see and VERY annoying!! Worse, it was hard to tell where the title bar stopped and the menu area started. I don't know how many times I went to drag a window and hit the wrong spot and the window just sat there.

Well, they fixed it!

But Uhm, I've got Settings/Personalization/Color/"Show color..." setting set to on?! How come I'm not seeing it? You've got to turn it off, and then back ON and you'll see the glorious change!

Not all windows honor it. Notibly "Settings" and my "Visual Studio 2012" but Hussah anyway!

Give me my window borders back and I "just" might HATE Win 10 just a little bit less! (And tell me you fired person who's bright idea it was to have white focused window titles in the first place! Cripes, has 20 years of GUI experience been forgotten?)
So while attempting to head to the park and ride, to catch the bus, I hopped in my car, turned the ignition and I think, just a couple of seconds too soon stopped cranking it. The engine puttered out and would not restart! I'm pretty sure I flooded it. But I'm not sure if you can actually flood an engine these days. But it turned and turned and puttered a bit, but would not start. The battery light came on. But it always comes one when you're cranking it.

I probably could have jumpered it. But the battery is 4 years old. And I ALWAYS lose batteries at the onset of Winter. So I caught a lift and went and bought replacement. And when I opened the hood to swap it out... oh man! That battery is wedged in there tight! It is not a simple lift out, drop in. You seriouly need to pull it out at a 45 degree angle from a very tight spot. But I perused the battery tray for an hour, and at last, levered that thing out with the help of a piece of wood.

Back at the wheel, I turned the key and it turned and sputtered and turned and sputtered and after pumping the gas a couple of times, vroom! Started. Seriously, I did not think you need to pump the petal to help out! But what a cloud of smoke! Total unburned gas smell. You know, it might have simply been a weak battery coupled with a bad start. But I think the new battery had enough power to see it through. I'll bet the old battery could start the car now, but if I botch the start like last time, it might not have enough juice left to try again. 

So I'm going to leave the new one, and recycle the old one. Google sensei sez that the battery should be replaced at 4 years, so yeah, I'll stick with it. But man are my arms tired! Seriously weak, limp wrists here. I wish I had Giantess-Cassie about to help with that job!

Well, if ever we could use some rain, this year was it. You know, Washington has this rainy day image, but it turns out our eastern half, is quite dry in comparison. And this year was really bad. Lots of fires raging. Hopefully all that will start slowing down now.

In a way, it feels like a return to normal around here. We've been having these long Indian Summers! In my head, if it's still sunny and warm by the start of October it just seems wrong! Last year I remember these dime sized spiders, and that's not including the legs! This year, we had a really crazy hot June. Felt like August! Then it started raining and getting cool. Then it warmed up again. My kitty got to enjoy that. But today it's been raining. And looking at the weather forecast, it looks like Summer is spent.

I noticed the trees at the local Costco parking lot are starting to turn. It's always the trees that are under a bit more stress that turn early. Fall is pretty spectacular around here and I'm looking forward to the deluge of leaves and the end of lawn mowing for the winter. Gardening was a bust and only the tomatoes were productive. Rabbits got the rest! >_<

I'd like to squeeze in a trip to the ocean or something before it really cools off. Rainy days are nice for being at home, but they're no fun on the beach!

I hope your summer was great, and for those of you who have to go back to school I hope the trauma is minimal. I remember when I was a kid, I was crazy for summer vacation. So much to do! But by the time summer wound down and my last "Weekly Reader" came in, I was bored out of my skull and ready to see the gang back at school! I expect with your internets, you don't feel quite the same. The times are a changing!
Well, I don't normally like to be a downer, but today I lost my little cat to cancer. Thankfully it was a short battle. I'll miss her company while I'm working on my computer. When she was little, I had to get her a cat bucket so she could be comfy else she'd sit on my drawings or on my keyboard.

I should be back in good form in a day or two.

.ps Thanks for all your kind words!
It's over... after I dunno, 15 years or so, I got my first windows skinner. Last one I bought was Digital Research's GEM. But I'm seriously sick of M$ new age User Interface designers. Guys who make phone interfaces for desktop users is pretty messed up. So right now I've got the W-7 user start screen. I might try one of the others, but now just having the power button default to "sleep" without a second sub menu is a serious sigh of relief!

Seriously, ever since Win 8, anything that took 1 or 2 clicks now takes 2 or 3 clicks. Multiply that times 20 or 30 per day times 30 per month and those clicks add up!

About the only thing I need on a start menu, is app "search" for the apps I don't use often, "control panel", or now as it is "settings" and the "devices" stuff. I don't miss live tiles.

Some things are not as good. With Win-10 start menu you can easily uninstall with a right click. Given all the bloat wear M$ adds to Windows these days, that's really handy. But as I chuck all that garbage I doubt I'll need it and you can open the old menu pretty easy to do just that.

It's not a full solution, I'd do more but it's a... Start... pardon the pun! ^_^
by Dr. Seuss

Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches Had bellies with stars. The Plain-Belly Sneetches Had none upon thars. Those stars weren't so big. They were really so small You might think such a thing wouldn't matter at all. But, because they had stars, all the Star-Belly Sneetches Would brag, "We're the best kind of Sneetch on the Beaches." With their snoots in the air, they would sniff and they'd snort "We'll have nothing to do with the Plain-Belly sort!" And whenever they met some, when they were out walking, They'd hike right on past them without even talking...

Very hard CORE.... >_<
You know, they just could have given me the start menu 2 years ago and I would have been happy.


1) Cortana - off,
2) Edge - off,
3) Cloud - off,
4) Calendar/Mail - off  
5) Advert ID - off.
6) New Photo Viewer - Sux. It has the new incredible appearing/disappearing user interface, when it show's nobody knows! And when will they learn to never mess with an image's aspect ratio! You can get the old by re associating the file type with the old viewer. It's Fugly but it works better. .ps Old Viewer ACTUALLY SHOWS THE IMAGE BETTER THAN the new one! New one is slightly blurry. Also, OLD viewer no longer honors folder sort order. Yup, it only shows in alpha numeric order. that really SUX!
7) Power Settings - Still buried in old control settings. Is your network card waking up your computer? Yeah, you gotta go to the old device manager. That sux too.
8) Quick Access - Sux. You can disable this in View/Options menu. Change "Open File Explorer to:" 'This PC'. It is defaulted to Quick Whatever.
9) Borderless windows. I hate them. Even on my Chromebook.
10) Focused windows do not have a hilighted title bar as compared to the other windows. Wondering which window has the focus? So am I! SERIOUSLY has 20 years of Windowed UI experience been FORGOTTEN???
11) Tool tips still show up over focused text, you can't see what you just typed.
12) Start menu, is open on login... sometimes! I've never figured out the pattern here. But the start menu should not open unless I click on it.
13) Power on/off/sleep. In in 7 it was a drop down selection default. In W8-10 it's another sub menu! 3 clicks to sleep instead of 2 in Win 7. Thank goodness for Start-10.
14) Still hate the ribbon menu stuff moving around a windows title text.
15) Scroll bars have no glif on the thumb to differentiate the thumb from the background. This is something they figured out after windows 1. 
16) Why must there ALWAYS be 4 quick actions in the "action center" I really don't need ANYTHING there.
17) Why is everything one pixel thick? Minimize/Maximize/Close. I bet you could remove half the marks there and have an even more minimalist design! Just do it and while you're at it make the scroll bars one pixel thick too. Sheesh!


1) "settings" where you spend probably 90% of your windows jiggering, is a newer nicer looking affair. I'll miss knowing where everything is in Control Panel. But that thing was always ugly, and the dialogs that came up micro-sized and never re-sizable. 
2) Ah! Now this is cool. When you touch the date in the tray, you get a nice big calendar! I wish it were synced to my outlook.
3) 10 GB's returned. I just ran the disk, w/ system cleanup and after the old Windows was dumped, I had 10 Gb extra on my drive as compared to my normal usage. Win-8, I lost several extra Gb's when the downloads where coming and I was wondering if it would fit! Win-10 all is well now, disk wise. >_<

Let the Win 10 nightmare begin.

.ps And does anyone know what this "Become Core" BS is? Looks like another dumb ass DA crusade.
.pss I'm seriously going to get Start 10. Just 6 days to go...
.psss I really hate where Windows is going. Everything is so thin and wispy. I can't see for sh*t.
.pssss My verdict: Win 10 is worse than Win 8.1. Don't let all the bought off "reviews" fool you. MS has no clue how to make a computer desktop.
.psssss Become Core, another poorly managed DA ad campaign.
Well, since construction that is. So my scanner is getting old. I remember when I bought it, it was amazing. USB 2.0 was fast. It would scan and download so much faster than my old UMax scanner. But in recent years, I've been noticing more and more "snow/dust" in the scans. They're not crisp white backgrounds like the olden days. This fine haze is all over. You can see it on some of my pencil sketches that I don't meticulously clean up. And there's a distinct lag in the USB too. I don't think it's my MOBO.

I noticed that the glass plate seemed to look like there was this fine film of scum on the inside, so today I finally opened it up and cleaned it. I've got just the tools. Glasses cleaner and an air can for electronics. It turns out opening that scanner was E-Z! Four screws and I was in. And the scanner it'self didn't pop out or anything! So I cleaned it up no problem!

Alas, it doesn't seem to have cured the snow problem. It's still got the same pattern it had before. It's a little better but not much. So, I'm thinking it's time for a new scanner. 

I understand CCD's do age, but I haven't found any definitive articles on the subject.

New scanners, use LED's for illumination instead of mercury vapor lamps. So no more warm up. Else, the spec's aren't a whole lot better, and it's still USB 2.0 for the Epson V550. Cannon sensors use CCD versus CMOS in the Cannon scanners. I tried a Canoscan once about 7 years ago. I didn't like it. The art was all chunky and not even close to the UMax quality! Epson's use CCD, it's more expensive, but the results are better in my experience. It has been a few years back, but I haven't heard about any breakthrough in reproduction quality.

I'd love to go all digital, but I'm not impressed with the video tablet's price/performance ratio. Best leave that stuff to the pro's.

I'll probably go pick up a V550 at Best Buy in the next few days. I like the fact a BB is right by my house! I try to buy stuff from them as long as the price isn't terribly different. And they've been so damn good with returns for me.


Hey, and anyone noticing an influx of Llama activity? I got 7 Llama's in the last two weeks. That's just crazy. I wonder what's causing that?


Got a new scanner. Fortunately, they're not super expensive. So yeah, it's scans cleaner now. Not some super huge improvement but definitely less cleanup. There's still snow, but it's like the contrast is better so it's easier to filter the snow out with the "levels adjustment" in Photoshop. The big improvement is no wait for first scan. Yes, my old scanner was taking at least two scans before the light was warmed up. No more. First scan looks great. Plus, the USB is better. It's still 2.0 but no more hiccups. It just scans and loads. I used to have these weird lags.

Couple of interesting differences between the 4490 and the V550. The hood no longer has a detachable plug, so itself is no longer detachable, not that I ever needed to detach it. But I never used the slide scanner so it's a waste powering up the hood now. The power switch simple button and not a physical toggle switch. So it's probably never "truly" off. Else, it's pretty much the same except for a bit different styling.

So we're still a analog/digital house. I think it'll still be a few years before I go all digital. But we're watching that gear, always watching! ^_^
Sigh. I'm a Windows 10 preview user. Just installed build 10041 or whatever. And about the only things that Windows 10 has going for it as far as I'm concerned, it's going to be free (for awhile) and it has the start menu back. I don't know who they let loose on the user interface (UI), but they've got this this minimalism freak fanaticism going on.

But they're just cowards and I suggest a more radical change!

REAL reduction. Change out the UI to an stream of audio dots and dashes. This way we can save on the cost of big color monitors and swap it out for a piezo electric buzzer! Expensive GPU's become a thing of the past! We can communicate in this clean minimalist fashion I'll call.... hmmm hmmm.. ah, I'll... I'll call it Morse Code. Yes! We won't be cluttered my notions of anything other than PURE FUNCTIONALITY. We will have reached the singularity! It'll be beautiful!

... . .  
-.-- --- ..-  
--- -.  
- .... .  
--- - .... . .-.  
... .. -.. . !!

.edit : 3/31/2015, "He's dead Jim!" Whalp, I was trying to use the machine and it wouldn't boot anymore. Got the dreaded IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. Probably gacked on some Realtek driver it was trying endlessly to load up for a few months now. I'm dropping it. It's pretty clear by now Win 10 UI is going to suck balls IMHO. I've done my part and given my input. It's hard to believe they could make it WORSE than windows 8, 8.1 but it's happening. :-(

.ps 5/5/2015: So one of the features I kept piling onto in the "insider" forums was the suggestion that MS bring back the Win-7 Aero glass look. Now, I never liked the title bar transparency in the main window. But overall W-7 it's a solid nice look. Even the W 8.1 task bar looks like it's Aero. They were stripping all of that out. Even the damn minimize/maximize buttons on the upper left of the window looked like a one pixel wide scratch of lines. All Gradients gone too. The UI was looking as freaking booooring as possible only by creation by committee in a large corporation. But if they bring back Aero with a nice crisp Win 8.1 look, who knows, I might change my mind!! 
Well, I know I'm jumping the gun. But I thought I'd get this in there. Also, I hope your Christmas was good. >_<

My New Years resolution is; as usual, not to make a new years resolution. I just crank along under the same game plan. It's been working so why change anything? ^_^; Be safe and don't drink too much! I would like to program on the side a little more than I have been. I fixed an annoying caching bug in my text processor and couple more fixes and I can ship Version 1.0. :-)

I expect to be cranking out new goodies soon. I made a lot of little sketches on a notepad while I was away from home and I'll scan 'em up and see if they look OK. Else I've got a fun sketch of Jackie enjoying summer which I hope to finish up soon!

All the best to you for 2015!
It's crap. >:-|
So no sooner than :iconseverflame: is reporting DA problems, and my machine starts having DA issues. But checking around I was having everything issues. No pages could completely load. Tumblr was getting problematic with all those moving GIF's. I was noticing lately my video speeds where getting iffy too. I tried disable/enabling my network adapter, and then power cycling my machine. But no use. When none of the above help, it's always been a sign my router or cable modem transceiver is about to fail. I just replaced my router, so I rebooted the "modem", it's actually not a modulator/demodulator, but the acronym sticks to this day. And yup, now it was dead.

Comcast was bugging me to upgrade my equipment last year anyway so I this eventing I went out and got some super duper DOCSYS 3.0 modem. Seriously, it's great to have a Best Buy nearby. No Amazon on this purchace! >_< I don't mind buying from Best Buy for the type of things I know they carry. I bought my Chromebook there.

My upload/download speeds are hobbled anyway but now at least everything loads again and videos are happy. My old modem was at end-of-life and my guess, is that it was at end-of-service as well! Quitting on July 1 is awfully suspicious. I'd check my mail, but I haven't re-set that up so I can't access my archive to see if they said they were going to shut me down. ^_^; But I didn't even need to call Comcast to get the new gear running! Now that's improved service! I've been lucky and had good service from Comcast all these years on my internet access.

But, all that said, the new standard DOCSYS 3.0 IS pretty spiffy, and my modem is shiney new, with a tiny wall wart that runs cool, so now everyone should be happy.

Wow, I'm really on an upgrade tear this year! New MOBO (Ivy Bridge I5), new server case for my server, (well that was last year, but close), new WIFI router, Windows 8, new video monitor switcher (share my monitor with my linux box), new mouse, my left hand mouse died a couple weeks ago and now new modem. I killed my Linux machine last week fiddling with the power and scrambled my solid state drive. I'm going to install Mint this time. I'll post up my report on Win 8 soon and talk about my Linux machine too I'm sure.

I really can't complain much, that modem lasted somewhere around 5 years I think! Anything over 2 is good by me. My gear was getting up there. Not XP aged but up there. Now, my beautiful red ball wired Logitech track ball mouse is showing signs of imminent failure. I can't drag and drop windows anymore. Click hold bounces and drops the window. Sigh. I really need a wired mouse to work with my monitor switch. Wireless devices don't work well with those things. Maybe I can spray the dust out of it? >_<

Also, my home server is obsolete and need looking into. I hear MS Small Business Server Essentials has a built in domain controller! That has serious lustability!
Getting close! First one to catch it gets a sketch!

.edit :

Well the closest catch goes to :iconmkbuster: with 100,001. But as I draw a fair amount of "Ryu-chan", I'd like to award an image to :icontwogadia: as well.

Thanks for viewing!
Yesterday I got tagged by 


You know the drill: rules you can't break, yadda yadda, tag a shit load of other people, yadda yadda, and etc.

5 Things about myself: 1-5, boooooring!


Kitsra's Questions:

1) Favorite thing about your day today?

My favoritest thing of any day is my first cup of coffee! I'm lucky since it's a cheap luxury. I have an electric water pot and a french press. So it's quite a ritual, especially when I've added grinding the whole coffee beans myself. Other than that, I revived a plant I transplanted in my yard by watering it mercilessly. It was a big triumph because I paid 5 bucks for it last year and didn't want to kill it! >_<

2) Any major fears that i should know about?

Well, I suppose there's a hierarchy of fears there. But the big one is: fear of failure! Combat this with education. I'm a huge fan of continual improvement. Be aggressive, it's a mean 'ol world out there!

3) If you were stuck in an elevator with your rival for life for two days, how would you react/what would you do?

Probably glare at them the whole time. I suppose I could face the wall too. It's totally unexpected behavior for anyone.

4) What're you doing right now? besides writing this, ya smart-ass.

Well, I should be drawing! Actually, I've got a today's page of "Dragonaur Mini" all inked and ready to color! I'd better get to it!

5) Single best book you've ever read.

"The Player of Games" by Ian Banks! I love his "culture" novels. But Player, I've read many, many times. I was so sad Banks passed away last year. I need to find a new author to start reading. Any suggestions?
I don't think I've had a gift crossover comic since :iconquadmanx:'s comics with Veronika. And that was some time ago. But :iconflintofmother3: just made one!…

So cool! So professional. Check out his DA. It's loaded with all manner of comics and fun. Much of it translated too.

Be sure to check out my Macoatl comics too!……
A definite drop in divinations of late. It all started with a busy weekend. I had to front load a bunch of work for my weekend comic. Then when I got back, I was a little sick. I must have picked up something. Then, I caught that virus worse than anything: Windows 8!

Heh, I am in the care of an ailing Win 8 machine. Being the resident Windows guru, you get asked these things. In the process of attempting to heal this machine I paved it 3 times and brought it up to Win 8.1. I mean if you're going forward you'd better keep doing it. However, still is ailing and so just before sending it back for service (thankfully it's still under warranty) I decided to attempt to back it up on my home server. Big mistake!!!

Win 8.1 the abomination that it is, is not compatible with Windows Home Server!! So being the forward thinking type I thought to put a patch (2781272) on my server to "upgrade" it. It's a risky move. The pursuit of knowledge is always risky! The result was that it completely slagged my backup capabilities! You should have seen all the red lights lighting up my server dashboard!

Fortunately, I'm bold enough to repave my server too! After much gnashing of teeth and swearing, I went back to an image the day before. And after a few backup false starts, I'm back in business. Say what you will about Win 8. Home Server 2011 is a great product! I wish they'd keep working on it.

Bottom line is Windows 8 is a disaster FROM ALL ANGLES! The UI is a disaster, it doesn't integrate with other windows products (aka Home Server 2011), and new hardware bought with it is just as jinxed! Thanks Lenovo. I sincerely hope Satya Nadella can get M$'s act together because that little fiasco simply has reinforced the issue that I won't be upgrading any of my machines to Win 8 anytime soon!


There is a little sub story here... I lent out my Chromebook in the meantime while I work on the laptop! The Chromebook is able to lift 90% of the load the Windows machine did! Just a few lame "this website is not compatible with your version of chrome" messages, because the site is looking at the underlying OS and getting cold feet! And no Skype compatibility (thanks Microsoft).  >_< I knew Skype was doomed the moment M$ bought them out. What happened to that SERVICES part of the devices and services mantra? Wouldn't that be interesting if M$ created a ARM tablet running Android? One can conjecture!

Ah, I miss my Chromebook! It's the only laptop I've ever owned. It's such a hardworking little machine, I love it! Clearly not for everything, but it does do so much!
Well, in an unusual situation I've decided to clear out a bunch of deviants I used to watch. Seems like May 2012 is the average last post by many artists. Now, a lot of these guys (and women) are pretty good. But they seem to just stop posting on DA. On the one hand, many of the arts I would see where way beyond the kind of stuff I would see anywhere except the cover page of most comic books. So why post on DA for free? I can't help but think it's also related to the "I'm a pro artist and I get paid for my work thing" too. I'm not taking any sides in particular (in this essay). It just feels like the bulk of art I see is commissions. I think it makes sense since at first DA is all new and everyone wants to be seen. But then work sets in and there's less time for freebies.

Personally, I think/thought DA was a great place for a amateur like me to post my stuff and felt that all these pro's posting art were sucking the oxygen out of the room! So on the one hand you'd think I'd be happier, but on the other hand most of the people look like they are aggregating towards the popular artists and everything else is dying on the vine anyway. The practical upshot is that I'm going to be seeing less varied art in the future! ^_^; It was always a slog to go thru the piles of books in the comic book store.

The moral to this little essay is that I feel that the free subscription model to viewing art by artist seems to be breaking down. These days, I tend to crawl the "fave" galleries of people that favorite my art! I think I should give the tumblr model a try. Or perhaps I'll have to search art more than I used to. So what do you think? Do things seem fine to you? Things changing? Are you changing your approach to this place?
Totally cool. A little all over the map compared to the original, and I was worried Gru might be a bad parent but in the end, it all works out.

"Lipstick Taser!!"