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I am so sick... so so motion sick. ^_^;

I am soooo glad I didn't see Cloverfield in the movie theater. I would have barfed for sure. However, being a monster movie buff, I won't say aficionado, but I've see many if not all of the Godzilla shows. The old ones where the best. But anyway, I really wanted to see this show. Of course, if you know anything about this movie, you'll know it was filmed in "shaky cam." As if someone was holding a hand held recorder. 

I would not have made this film any different. This sort of "first person shooter" style almost plot-less film would not have been immersive if the camera was steady at all. Now, I just want to say, even if I was being chased by a giant monster, I think I could have held the camera steadier. But the difference is like watching a roller coaster from the ground. Versus being ON the roller coaster!

[Spoiler Alert...]

My favorite scene? When the guy holding the camera for most of the movie, Hud, gets eaten! Woah, yeah! You just don't get to ride into the jaws of a monster like that! I'm so glad I have surround sound. ^_^;

This movie was almost as fun as "Alien" when I saw it for the first time. 

But man, I... am... so... sick right now... gggllgglarg!!!



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Happy New Year! ^_^
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Thanks ! :D
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