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So I had a party at my house this year for New Years. I don't like doing such things in general since I HAVE to clean up before inviting the masses. And I'm not the sort to vacuum the floors and call it good. I've got to move furniture, and stuff on shelves. You know you've gone overboard when you're in the attic sweeping up the crawl spaces! 

When I get the productivity bug I get it bad. You know I've been coding my little hobby program. Got a few more things I want to do there.

I have a spare Win 7 machine. I was thinking of putting Linux on it, but I think I'll stick L on a different machine. So I updated the thing. I also found out I had installed the fan somewhat incorrectly. It's a 3 prong fan on 4 prong MOBO connector. The tl;dr version, means that fan is running full throttle! Noisy as all hell. MOBO couldn't throttle it. So I found a spare I5 chip fan that came with a matching CPU and lo... it has the 4 prong connector. Cleaned up the heat sink and applied now compound and voila! Fixed! SOOOOOO much more quiet. I'm sure it'll rev up if I give the CPU work.

Those Intel Fans mount rather precariously on the motherboard. It's a sort of pressure fitting versus screws. But I've found that there's really no reason to stick a fancy fan on your CPU unless you're overclocking.

I'm becoming a quiet computer whisperer. My main computer is the quietest machine I've ever built. And since then I've been retro fitting all my older gear and they're actually getting quieter too! ^_^ I've got this Core 2 duo machine I built in 2007 still chugging along. Updated to Win 10 and doubled the memory from 2 to 4G and it's fine. So happy.

A few years back I went all digital on the TV system and I had this integrated amplifier sitting around and DVD player sitting around. It's amazing the new stuff is all about half as big as the old stuff! Less cables too. Gave away the amp at the party, so that saves me trying to sell it on E-Bay or something. Also replaced the dead Ethernet switch in there. Now everyone can connect to the net again so it's firmware upgrade time! ^_^;;

But TV zone is super neat and clean now!

I've got other goodies on the TODO list:

1) My little bookshelf amplifier seems to only be working from one channel. Need to troubleshoot that. Thinking of upgrading my Rio Receiver to a ChromeCast Audio. I got one for Christmas. But while it is fun, sometimes it just sort of hangs up. But if that one starts behaving, perhaps I'll just get a new cheap amp and connect it up to the Cast Audio.

2) Microwave died. Need to pull that out and see If the new one can be made to fit in old mounting bracket. The new one, tho' same model, is 1/4 inch longer... D'oh! Put in a new faucet in the sink and garbage disposal just recently. I sure hope the current dishwasher hangs in there awhile longer... ^_^;

3) Add stream save mode to my editor. Right now if you save a session, it's basically just pointing to all the files you had open. I think it would be great if I could embed the text and images straight into the session file. As it is, all my documents save to stream, so we're good there. I just need to set up my shell to direct the stream to the session file instead of individual files like normal. Going to be seriously cool.

4) Fix a laptop hinge a friend gave to me. I think a bit of superglue will do the trick. I was able to get the screen off the thing. They literally tape those things on. An old credit card can pry the LCD lose without breaking it. I'll report back on that once I try putting it back together.

5) Finish up "Dragonaur!" I think this year is going to be it. I'm sure no-one is reading this journal so far down, so I'll still surprise everyone when it happens, but yes, I've been winding down the story for about 4 years now. I think it won't take long now. I'd like to be out from that weekly ritual. It's not as fun as it used to be. Competition is ridiculous out there. All those pro's giving away their stuff. No room for amateurs anymore. I'm ready to hang up that pen.

But don't worry, if you like my sequential works! I've got a few new stories I want to tell! I just won't prop 'em up to comic aggregators or stick traffic counters and all on them. DA and Tumblr aught to do the trick.

So here's to the New Year! I hope you all are off to a strong start!



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