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So while attempting to head to the park and ride, to catch the bus, I hopped in my car, turned the ignition and I think, just a couple of seconds too soon stopped cranking it. The engine puttered out and would not restart! I'm pretty sure I flooded it. But I'm not sure if you can actually flood an engine these days. But it turned and turned and puttered a bit, but would not start. The battery light came on. But it always comes one when you're cranking it.

I probably could have jumpered it. But the battery is 4 years old. And I ALWAYS lose batteries at the onset of Winter. So I caught a lift and went and bought replacement. And when I opened the hood to swap it out... oh man! That battery is wedged in there tight! It is not a simple lift out, drop in. You seriouly need to pull it out at a 45 degree angle from a very tight spot. But I perused the battery tray for an hour, and at last, levered that thing out with the help of a piece of wood.

Back at the wheel, I turned the key and it turned and sputtered and turned and sputtered and after pumping the gas a couple of times, vroom! Started. Seriously, I did not think you need to pump the petal to help out! But what a cloud of smoke! Total unburned gas smell. You know, it might have simply been a weak battery coupled with a bad start. But I think the new battery had enough power to see it through. I'll bet the old battery could start the car now, but if I botch the start like last time, it might not have enough juice left to try again. 

So I'm going to leave the new one, and recycle the old one. Google sensei sez that the battery should be replaced at 4 years, so yeah, I'll stick with it. But man are my arms tired! Seriously weak, limp wrists here. I wish I had Giantess-Cassie about to help with that job!




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