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Sigh. I'm a Windows 10 preview user. Just installed build 10041 or whatever. And about the only things that Windows 10 has going for it as far as I'm concerned, it's going to be free (for awhile) and it has the start menu back. I don't know who they let loose on the user interface (UI), but they've got this this minimalism freak fanaticism going on.

But they're just cowards and I suggest a more radical change!

REAL reduction. Change out the UI to an stream of audio dots and dashes. This way we can save on the cost of big color monitors and swap it out for a piezo electric buzzer! Expensive GPU's become a thing of the past! We can communicate in this clean minimalist fashion I'll call.... hmmm hmmm.. ah, I'll... I'll call it Morse Code. Yes! We won't be cluttered my notions of anything other than PURE FUNCTIONALITY. We will have reached the singularity! It'll be beautiful!

... . .  
-.-- --- ..-  
--- -.  
- .... .  
--- - .... . .-.  
... .. -.. . !!

.edit : 3/31/2015, "He's dead Jim!" Whalp, I was trying to use the machine and it wouldn't boot anymore. Got the dreaded IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. Probably gacked on some Realtek driver it was trying endlessly to load up for a few months now. I'm dropping it. It's pretty clear by now Win 10 UI is going to suck balls IMHO. I've done my part and given my input. It's hard to believe they could make it WORSE than windows 8, 8.1 but it's happening. :-(

.ps 5/5/2015: So one of the features I kept piling onto in the "insider" forums was the suggestion that MS bring back the Win-7 Aero glass look. Now, I never liked the title bar transparency in the main window. But overall W-7 it's a solid nice look. Even the W 8.1 task bar looks like it's Aero. They were stripping all of that out. Even the damn minimize/maximize buttons on the upper left of the window looked like a one pixel wide scratch of lines. All Gradients gone too. The UI was looking as freaking booooring as possible only by creation by committee in a large corporation. But if they bring back Aero with a nice crisp Win 8.1 look, who knows, I might change my mind!! 



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