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So no sooner than :iconseverflame: is reporting DA problems, and my machine starts having DA issues. But checking around I was having everything issues. No pages could completely load. Tumblr was getting problematic with all those moving GIF's. I was noticing lately my video speeds where getting iffy too. I tried disable/enabling my network adapter, and then power cycling my machine. But no use. When none of the above help, it's always been a sign my router or cable modem transceiver is about to fail. I just replaced my router, so I rebooted the "modem", it's actually not a modulator/demodulator, but the acronym sticks to this day. And yup, now it was dead.

Comcast was bugging me to upgrade my equipment last year anyway so I this eventing I went out and got some super duper DOCSYS 3.0 modem. Seriously, it's great to have a Best Buy nearby. No Amazon on this purchace! >_< I don't mind buying from Best Buy for the type of things I know they carry. I bought my Chromebook there.

My upload/download speeds are hobbled anyway but now at least everything loads again and videos are happy. My old modem was at end-of-life and my guess, is that it was at end-of-service as well! Quitting on July 1 is awfully suspicious. I'd check my mail, but I haven't re-set that up so I can't access my archive to see if they said they were going to shut me down. ^_^; But I didn't even need to call Comcast to get the new gear running! Now that's improved service! I've been lucky and had good service from Comcast all these years on my internet access.

But, all that said, the new standard DOCSYS 3.0 IS pretty spiffy, and my modem is shiney new, with a tiny wall wart that runs cool, so now everyone should be happy.

Wow, I'm really on an upgrade tear this year! New MOBO (Ivy Bridge I5), new server case for my server, (well that was last year, but close), new WIFI router, Windows 8, new video monitor switcher (share my monitor with my linux box), new mouse, my left hand mouse died a couple weeks ago and now new modem. I killed my Linux machine last week fiddling with the power and scrambled my solid state drive. I'm going to install Mint this time. I'll post up my report on Win 8 soon and talk about my Linux machine too I'm sure.

I really can't complain much, that modem lasted somewhere around 5 years I think! Anything over 2 is good by me. My gear was getting up there. Not XP aged but up there. Now, my beautiful red ball wired Logitech track ball mouse is showing signs of imminent failure. I can't drag and drop windows anymore. Click hold bounces and drops the window. Sigh. I really need a wired mouse to work with my monitor switch. Wireless devices don't work well with those things. Maybe I can spray the dust out of it? >_<

Also, my home server is obsolete and need looking into. I hear MS Small Business Server Essentials has a built in domain controller! That has serious lustability!



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