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Yes we can!

Oh man, what a day. So I've been sort of up and down this week. I think it depends on how much sleep I get I think. If I get too stuffy or drippy sleeping is tough! But on the up days this week. Instead of drawing, I'm sorry, I did a bit of programming and... fence work!

So have you ever worked a jack-hammer?! Well, now I can say I have. I'll put up some pictures soon. But basically I had this 2 foot diameter chunk of concrete about 12 to 18 inches deep where a pole once stood. The pole snapped last winter and the fence was just sort of standing there wobbly and all. The first day I tried digging it out. And no luck. It wouldn't budge and I was exhausted, drenched in sweat and sore all over. So I called around looking for a repair man. 

Next day, I felt like hell because I was so achy that I didn't sleep well. By the end of the day, not a single reply. I tried three different fence repair outfits! I went to bed early this day, hopefully I would recover from the previous day's events.

Turns out today I was feeling pretty good and so I went and did something crazy: I rented a 60 pound jack hammer!

It took an hour of still hard work. But at least wresting that machine was easier than trying to pry a 200 pound blob of concrete out of the ground. In the end I finally pulled the last chunk free. I'm not done, I haven't put the new post in, but the rest should be much easier. Just set the post and pour some Quikrete in there. I actually bought all the concrete and pole and stuff, the day before, but took it back when I thought I couldn't do the job. But now I'm back in business. So, sometime soon I'll head over to Home Depot and buy that fence post back. I hope they won't be mad at me. ^_^

And remember, if some job seems super hard, just try to think of going about it a different way. Brute force will only get you so far!



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